Promotional Services

Logospeed takes you beyond the product.  Add a box and an item becomes a gift.  Add a wellness program and a company becomes a family.  Add value and a vendor becomes a partner.

At Logospeed we cherish our customers.  What matters to you matters to us.  We go to great lengths so you don't come up short.   We value your time and we respect your bottom line.  If there's more to your world than the product itself let us share your load.

  • Art Services/Graphic Design and Creative Development
  • Company Stores/e-Stores
  • Awards/Recognition
  • Wellness Programs
  • Safety Awareness
  • Uniform Programs
  • Eco Initiatives
  • Direct Mail
  • Kitting
  • Product Packaging
  • Program Management
  • Fulfillment/Stock and Release
  • Importing/Global Sourcing
  • Custom Manufacturing